Only three days left!

Only three days remain to submit comments regarding the Health and Human Services’ decision to mandate abortion, contraception and sterilization services as part of health care. The U.S. bishops have done a wonderful job speaking out against this and clearly articulating why such a measure must be stopped.

The bishops’ comments:

The bishops’ press release on the filing of their comments:

Add your voice

Public comments to HHS must be received by September 30. To join the bishops in public opposition to this policy, please submit your own comments to HHS.

7 thoughts on “Only three days left!

  1. Please do not pass this. You are going against what god teaches. May god bless all political officials they are in desperate need of gods guidance

  2. Don’t use our tax dollars to abort babies, give out contraceptives, Or pay for sterilizations. Contraceptives ,like the pill , cause breast cancer according to the World Health Organization. Breast cancer Is also positively correlated to breast cancer. There is no research on how healthy it is to sterilize women. Vasectomies are positively correlated to prostate cancer. Costs will increase with these services.

  3. Contraceptives are so harmful to a woman’s body. Why would you want to include something in your health plan That does harms a.person? Please, say no.

  4. You must not pass this abortion is murder. Abortion solves nothing all it does is kill a innocent life leaves guilt and emotional pain which itself can lead to another life being taken if the Mothers go that far. Also abortion can cause more health problems because alot of times the Mothers who abort children later regret it and get depressed and depression can cause many problems. Also it can cause other problems. abortion is murder and will always be murder and this must not pass because not only does it take a life it could do much much more.

  5. Artificial birth control has created a host of biological, physical, emotional, and moral problems; These are not “health” services, and they do not “prevent” illness or
    disease. Instead, they disrupt the healthy functioning of the reproductive system,
    introducing health risks in the process; and they are designed to prevent pregnancy,
    which is not a disease. As a woman of faith and one who can attest to the atrocious baggage from artificial birth control, I implore you to remove this mandate. It clearly violates my religious beliefs.

  6. THANK YOU for putting all of this together for all of us. This is a quick and easy way to make our voices heard. EVERYONE please take advantage of this resource and follow through with contacting your reps & senators.

    Thank you!


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